How Many Mesotherapy Sessions Would I Need?

I am 4’11” and I weigh 117 lbs. I am thinking of having Mesotheraphy done because no matter what I do, my love handles won’t go away and my belly is still flabby. I would really like to know around how many sessions I would need.

I don’t have big hips; everything is in the stomach area. I just had a baby 5 months ago. I was 149 ponds after the baby but I lost most of the weight by diet and working out. I really need help with my mid area, though.

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Mesotherapy sessions

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I have found Mesotherapy can give an improvement in very small areas and does not tighten skin.  Based on your picture with clothing, you would need multiple session and it would only give a small improvement.  You are a much better candidate for liposuction, I would recommend Smart Lipo Triplex which removes fat and tightens skin.  It can be done under local anesthesia, and for most patients it is a less than 1 week recovery. It would be prudent to be examined first to see which procedure would work best.
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Dr Michael Gartner

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