Skin Care After Mesotherapy

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for creams/lotions to use to help with the healing of the injection sites and to make sure no scarring occurs.

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Mesotherapy for fat reduction

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Phosphadityl chloine/deoxycholate is NOT yet FDA approved for human use in USA. There is no indication for its usage, therefore it is NOT an "off-label ' use of a medication. The treating physician should fully inform the patient about this fact.

Overseas, "proper" use by a qualified physician can cause reduction in localised fat deposits. The pain/ swelling can remain for a couple of days after the procedure. There should be no scarring or infection if proper technique/sterility/medications are used.

Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

Mesotherapy For Dissolving Fat Can Be Quite Effective

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At the present time, there are no FDA-approved mesotherapy products for dissolving fat that available in the U.S. However, two products are en route to successfully completing the testing to gain this approval. One is Kythera's ATX-101, which contains deoxycholate, a bile acid capable of dissolving fat. The other is Lithera's Lipo 101, which contains the same ingredients as the FDA-approved product Advair: salmeterol, a beta agonist, and fluticasone, a steroid. Both products injected as mesotherapy have so far given very encouraging results in shrinking areas such as the submental fat (fat under the chin area).

in my office abroad, I have had considerable experience using products equivalent to these with very gratifying results. I prefer the combination beta agonist/steroid, since this engenders little redness or swelling after a treatment session (largely due to the presence of the steroid). The deoxycholate product results in quite a bit more swelling, which clears in three to five days. My patients have been quite happy with the results and simplicity of the mesotherapy approach, and I look forward to the entry of the above products into my Upper East Side New York practice. 

Since mesotherapy typically requires the use of very fine needles for instilling minute amounts of material in the subcutaneous layer, I see no need for any changes in my patients' ordinary skin care regimens.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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