Mesotherapy Vs Hair Transplant for Diffuse Alopecia?

I've used Mesotherapy now for 3 months but no significant improvement. Do you think I should give my hair more chance or try Hair transplant if could help because I have diffuse Alopecia?

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Hair transplant surgery for diffuse alopecia is not an option.

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Hair transplant surgery for diffuse alopecia is not an option mainly because there is no source of good donor hair.  Mesotherapy generally do not work.  There is no scientific evidence to support mesotherapy.  However there is great economic evidence for mesotherapy.

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Diffuse Alopecia Treatment

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I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing diffuse Alopecia.  It can be a frustrating problem to treat.  I have not seen any scientific support for mesotherapy in the treatment of diffuse Alopecia.  For patients with Alopecia Areata, we have had success with our botanical oil treatments.  It is best to have your condition evaluated by an Endocrinologist before trying any unproven medical treatments.  Good luck to you, Hanaa.  

Diffuse Alopecia

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There is no surgical treatment for diffuse alopecia, where there is more extended, uniform hair loss. With surgery we are robbing Peter to pay Paul; in other words taking hair from thicker areas and placing it in thin or bald scalp. The first step should be a medical evaluation by your Internist and then a Dermatologist , who is experienced in diagnosing the causes of hair loss, or an Endocrinologist to evaluate hormone levels.

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See an endocrinologist.

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 Hair transplants are not used for diffuse alopecia. I have never seen mesotherapy work either. See an endocrine specialist to find out if you have a hormonal problem causing this.

Toby Mayer, MD
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