Mesotherapy for Hair Fall?

How is Mesotherapy solution injected unto the scalp? I want to know the procedure of Mesotherapy injection in conditions of hair fall? Thanks.

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Hair loss , mesotherapy

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Dear Tarek, if you are referring to hair loss in men , AKA male-pattern baldness, mesotherapy is not the way to go. The injected solutions contain a cocktail of vitamins & maybe MINOXIDIL. The latter is FDA approved for treatment of hair loss in men. However it is used ON THE SCALP & not by injection! There are no scientific papers to support the use of mesotherapy for hair loss.Please check with an honest, knowledgeable, reputable Dermatologist. Financial interests of the physician should not be a factor in the equation!

Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

Can Not See How Mesotherapy Would Work

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In Mesotherapy a cocktail of chemicals are injected into the middle layer your tissue, hence its name Meso( Middle) therapy. Which chemicals depends on what solution that physician feels would be most effective. However, mesotherapy is usually meant to dissolve fat and on occasion provide nutrients to the skin. I am unaware of any scientifically valid studies that it should do anything at all to prevent hair loss.

Further, mesotherapy still has to be lodged in the group of experimental treatments. It is not FDA approved.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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