Mesotherapy And/or Derma Roller?

47 years old. After 6 months of stress my face has lost roundness & glow, has sagged visibly, eyes look very hollow. I dont want surgery so I'm considering Mesotherapy or PRP. Without having huge expectations will this help, is it safe and will it improve my hollow eyes? I am scared of fillers as the problem areas are large and I do not want a fake looking result. Botox on crows feet has slightly altered my expression. What do you recommend? Will a chemical peel help?

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Mesotherapy: Not proven to work

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Most of the English language literature produced on the use of mesotherapy for facial rejuvenation do not show that products actually work. This could be that randomization were never taken into effect or there is really no science behind injecting a cocktail of ingredients. A latest editorial published in the journal SkinMed (Mesotherapy. Galadari H, Al Faresi F. Skinmed. 2011 Nov-Dec;9(6):342-3) looked at a review of published material for the use of mesotherapy in alopecia, fat dissolution and facial rejuvenation. Nothing published actually proves that mesotherapy works. As a matter of fact, there are more published cases of complications of the procedure rather than its uses.

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