Working out after breast augmentation.

I received my BA june 1st of 2016. When can i safely continue to do beachbody products as my workout regimen? Like les mills combat or body beast? I would like to know when would it be completely safe to begin.

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Breast Augmentation - Working Out

I recommend developing a post-op recovery plan with your board-certified surgeon and discussing your workout regimen. The average recovery for a breast augmentation is 6 weeks. During this 6-week healing process, any strenuous impact on the chest muscles should be avoided. It is important to return to your workout programs slowly and then gradually increase the severity as tolerated.

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Working out after breast augmentation.

This one you need to clarify with your surgeon. I do not let my patients do any strenuous exercise for at least one month. Then I release them mostly for cardiac exercise at that point with no lifting of weights yet. At 6 weeks i allow them to get back to weights minus any pectoralis work for 3 months. This is because the implant can and will over time be pushed out of position by the action of that muscle too soon. It can still happen long term as well. Best of luck with recovery.



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Post breast augmentation regimine

The activity level is usually back to "as tolerated" in about a month or so. However, before engaging is strenuous long term pectoralis exercises, one must realize that the implants may become malpositioned inferiorly and laterally as a result of strenuous pectoralis muscle (chest muscle) exercises. They will look great in a bra but may appear too low and lateral when out of a bra. (under the armpit).  

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Hello, alway defer to your PS recommendations. I usually want my patients to wait for at least 3 weeks before getting thier blood pressure up. From 3 weeks on, depending on the activity they can progress to working out from 3-6 weeks. also depends on what surgery was done. Good Luck.

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Working out after breast augmentation.

I usually instruct my patient not to carry anything heavier than 15lbs for at least 2 full weeks and return gradually to regular activity level at 4 weeks.

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1 week post - op BA

You must wait at least 4-6 weeks to start doing this kind of activities. Consultation with a certified surgeon.

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Working out after breast augmentation.

Please ask your plastic surgeon who is most aware of your surgery and healing progress. Do not follow internet advice. That said I have my patients wait at least 6 weeks before doing vigorous work outs after breast augmentation.

Working out

Thank you for your question.  Each surgeon has different post operative protocols for working out.  At our office our patients have no restrictions after 6 weeks, but are to ease back into your normal workout routine to limit injuries. Please contact your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon on their post operative protocols. 

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Takes some time

After two weeks it is best to progress slowly up to your full workout at perhaps four to six weeks after your breast augmentation.

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When can I exercise after breast augmentation

There are different thoughts on when it is safe to begin exercising after breast augmentation. Since there are different techniques by different surgeons the recovery times may be different as well.  Your best resource to answer this question is your operating plastic surgeon.  We allow our patients to do non contact sports beginning in 2 weeks.  Hope this is helpful. 

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