Open wound after breast Lift! Won't heal. I had 800cc uhp implants & lift 1 m ago. Its just getting worse. What can I DO?(photo)

they Took tape off and was open and Slightly infected. After weeks, the surgeon took out the sutures as they were causing problems. Now I am left with this almost quarter sized wound under my right breast I am wondering if I can look normal again. My surgeon has told me he will fix it after I heal. Mean while, Im not healing! WHAT CAN I DO??? At first he wanted me to use a tooth brush in shower and scrub it till it bled. I did this for a while and it just kept getting bigger! HELP

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Open wound after breast lift and large implants

I would recommend that you see a wound care specialist in your area.  It looks like there is a good chance that the wound will heal with the proper wound care.  Best of luck. 

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Thank you for the photos and the wound will heal with the appropriate management if the implant is not exposed.  So see a wound care expert in your area if your surgeon is not answering your questions

Dr Corbin

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Breast Wound


Please stop scrubbing with a tooth brush.  Your wound will heal with thrice daily normal saline wet to dry dressings and careful and frequent debridements by your surgeon.  Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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