Can it be fixed? (photos)

I posted about my open wound from breast lift. My question is what can I do to make it heal faster. And also can this be fixed so I am not messed up looking? Please help! I'm very distraught.

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If you allow the wound to heal

on its own, you may not need any 'fixing'.  Otherwise if you want it fixed now, you would have to consider a skin graft or downsizing and allowing skin to skin closure without tension.

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Breast wound post operatively

Thanks for your question and we get that patients get a bit scared when problems arise, but fear not for these wounds can do surprising well with time. The wounds from a breast lift augmentation or similar operation will get larger for a period of time due to the swelling and pressure on the skin when some of the sutures come free. Once it turns that corner and any unhealthy tissue in the wound or suture foreign body is removed then the body starts doing it's thing and it can heal faster naturally. You don't want to scrub or vigorously harm the new healing tissue so be gentle with it for new tissue is fragile at first. Ask your surgeon for everyone has there own style, but some products can stimulate healing to occur faster like Beta-glucan ointment or gel or similar products. Also some gel ointments with silver in them can help decrease the amount of bacteria in a wound as it's turning the corner to get better. Let your surgeon guide you and get you all healed up. Best wishes and don't fear this will turn around with good care.

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Wound Care


Please listen to my words.  Stop with the toothbrush, and use saline soaked gauze under dry gauze, changed three times daily. You will heal. 

Best of luck!

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Breast Wounds, how and when can they be fixed?

Hi Krissy,

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry that you're having to go through this.  Based on your photos it looks like you are healing slowly but well.  I would recommend that you keep close follow-up with your plastic surgeon.  Every plastic surgeon has a different recommendation usually when it comes to open wounds.  I would recommend keeping it moist with bacitracin or Neosporin and a little bit of Adaptec or Vaseline based gauze.  Remember that it will take time for this to heal it maybe weeks to months before the wounds completely close.  I would recommend a healthy diet full of protein and vitamins as this will help you heal faster.  Your breast are certainly correctable. The time for fixing the scars that remain after you heal will be anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on how have healed. Good luck.

All the best, 

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I have an open wound following breast surgery, is this normal and can it be fixed?

Thanks so much for your question.  Yes it can be easily fixed.  One thing that needs to be addressed now is, are there any dissolvable sutures that are still present in the wound?  Depending on the type of suture used during surgery they can still be present and very small and at times difficult to see.  It's important to get rid of those sutures now so no foreign material is sitting in the wound.  Your body will have a harder time healing if they are still there and should heal fairly quickly once they have been removed.  It's better to let everything heal and then look at the scars and do a small scar revision later.  The tissue is very fragile right now and based on the photos not clean enough to close at this time.  Hope that helps.

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Open wounds

Don't worry, this will heal, and then a revision can be done and you will look as if it never happened.  To get it to heal quicker, keep the wound moist by applying an antibiotic ointment over the raw area only twice a day, keeping a gauze covering over that.  

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Healing tkes time

Skin loss in this area is not rare.  The best thing to do is be patient and let all heal well.    Then if needed a scar revision can be done.   This will be 1 year after surgery date.   My Best,  Dr Commons

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