Is it bad to over read people's experiences with their BA procedure?

I've been reading a lot of people's concerns on real self and the more I read the more questions and concerns I have for my hopefully soon to be breast augmentation.

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Is it bad to over read people's experiences with their BA procedure?

Yes, choose the best most experienced board certified plastic surgeon tthat you can find and if you have confidence in your chosen surgeon follow that surgeon's advice and avoid the Internet.

In my experience studying the Internet to closely creates unnecessary anxiety in most patients.

Most patients experience with breast augmentation are overwhelmingly positive.  Understand that patients motivated to right on the Internet often are those who are having a problem.  The majority of patients who are happy don't bother to write about their experience.

ANOTHER case of RS Syndrome compounded by a Google University Degree

As Plastic surgeons we commonly see cases of "RealSelf Syndrome compounded by a Google Universirt degree" in our offices. Women have research their ASSUMED procedure(s) online for years, have read comments and reviews and are now paralyzed by trying to deal with more information than they can process to make sensible decisions and are EITHER paralyzed and cannot make a decision OR feel compelled to make the wrong decision. 
While the internet and RealSelf are great tools, they do NOT replace the role of a Plastic surgeon. Pick one you trust and have him/her answer your questions and guide you. Just like we use OTHER professionals daily in our lives, you have done enough homework. Now is the time to pick a professional to take over.

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Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Is it bad to over read people's experiences with their BA procedure?

I think this forum is great for information, but yes I do think you need to be careful with the stuff you read and assemble in your brain. No two surgeries are ever the same so what you are reading about others may not be true for you. You control the surgeon you choose for your procedure. Your job is to make sure you like them, trust them and that they have a good reputation. Look at their pictures, check their social media, and make sure you like the staff. Make sure that your experience in the office is a good one and that you feel at home with the staff as well. All of those things will hopefully just support a good outcome. You need to make certain that you are on the same page with your surgeon about what you want. You need to make sure your expectations are reasonable and obtainable, because if they are not you are destine for disappointment. If you are happy stay where you are and trust the process. If you are not certain and have doubt seek other interviews. I am happy to see you anytime. 



Richard J. Brown, MD
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Concerns With Reading Reviews Online About Breast Augmentation #breastaugmentation

  • You bring up a great point!
  • The overwhelming majority of women who undergo breast augmentation are extremely happy with their results.  Also, most women do not experience any complications post-operatively.
  • BUT, if you look online you may read a lot of stories about the operation and see results that could possibly make you very anxious about the operation.
  • Just remember: most women who undergo breast augmentation are very satisified and choose not to post online anything whatsoever about their operation.  Yet, a few women who have unfortunately experienced a complication and/or are less than thrilled with their results do seem to post their concerns online.  Therefore, much of the information we read online tends to be skewed towards the negative.
  • There's s saying out there that a happy customer or patient will tell 3 friends about their experience, and an unhappy customer or patients will tell 10!  Please keep this in mind. (The same goes for online reviews, by the way!  Most really happy patients don't bother posting reviews online...)
  • Best of luck to you!

Joshua Cooper, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Many women who use real self have specific concerns. Those who are quite happy and satisfied usually don't bother to do real self. Please discuss any specific concerns you have with your surgeon.

Connie Hiers, MD
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Having realistic expectations about your procedure can help you get the best results.

It’s not a bad idea at all to read up on the experiences of other women concerning their breast augmentation experience, as the more questions and concerns you can address early on in the process, the better. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience is going to be a bit different, as everyone’s body is unique to them. But in general, your board certified plastic surgeon should be able to answer your questions and concerns during your consultation. It sounds like you’re doing a great job of doing your research beforehand, but I would definitely suggest taking that information with you to your consultation. Good luck!

Glenn M. Davis, MD, FACS
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Don't get worked up

Thank you for your important question.

Our mind is a powerful thing, and it drives our actions.

Many patients, unfortunately, get polarized views after reading through tonnes of reviews of breast augmentation. Of course, if you read negative reviews, you are more likely to become anxious, but if you read more positive reviews, you are more likely to become excited about the surgery.

It is like watching a movie. If you read many positive reviews, you will come out of the movie validating the views of most people thinking that the movie was “great.”

A prominent example of anxiety that can result from reading many reviews has to do with anesthesia. Many patients just read blogs from others about how they are terrified of general anesthesia and start worrying excessively. They will read things such as, “oh, what if I wake up during surgery…oh what if I do not wake up at all?” These are worrisome questions for sure, but are also highly unlikely situations. One patient is not like another, so taking those negative reviews and applying it your own case is just anxiety inducing. In fact, even the breasts in the same individual are never entirely the same which is why we may see that certain complications occur only in one breast and not the other.

So ask yourself, are your concerns associated with situations that are unlikely to occur, or are they very common. If common, then it is important to bring it up. If not, you would be worrying without reason.
That being said, it is not wrong to read the reviews of patients that your surgeon operated on. In fact, it would be smart to read their reviews to see what you can and cannot expect.  Just keep in mind this is mean to inform you, not to scar you.

Hope this helps!

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Reading about patient experience

Thank you for your question. I don't ever think it is a bad thing to gather information and do your homework.  This being said there is a lot of great information and bad information as well on the internet. Stick to reputable sites such as Realself and the ASAPS website. You are probably ready to see a board certified plastic surgeon and iron out the facts from fiction. So go in with your questions and concerns. Write them down so you don't forget to ask. Your surgeon can help you by telling what his/her opinion is as to work best for you and your body. Good luck. 

Is it bad to over read people's experiences with their BA procedure?

Yes that is a problem because each individual's experience is different and by reading "too much" into people's experiences you only confuse yourself more.  You need to have the basic information on what to expect and what complications there can be, albeit very rare, and the best source for this information is your own plastic surgeon.

Ruben B. Abrams, MD, FACS
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Over read peoples experiences

I consider that all the extremes are not beneficial.  It is important to consider other persons experience but prevent of being dragged blinded to a decision. A guided decision is important for a nice result, because every body and the response to any change is different.

What I strongly recommend is to choose a certified plastic surgeon and that you feel confident with him

Dario Felipe Cabello, MD
Colombia Plastic Surgeon
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