I need a revision - what are my options? (photos)

My doctor said he will fix it but I'm scared because he's the one that messed me up . Also had a tummy tuck and was left with a uneven incision with a fat pocket

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Revision questions

Any time you have had healing problems and your PS agrees to do a revision, you will be saving money and under the care of a surgeon who knows what was done previously. However, if you have no confidence at this time, it would be best to seek a second opinion. Be prepared to bring your operative reports and clinic records to the consultation so the next PS can evaluate the way your surgery was done and if he/she can offer you any better result. Be prepared for cost with any other office. Best Wishes

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Mommy makeover revision

Thank you for the question and photos.  Sorry to hear your mommy makeover healing did not go perfectly.  If you feel like your plastic surgeon is not treating you well, with respect, or that he/she is not capable of surgically taking care of you then I would seek second and third opinions.  If you however do not have any such complaints or your concerns then your plastic surgeon will be the best person to help correct the issues since he/she knows what occurred during surgery.  
All the best,
Dr Remus Repta

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Thanks for the question and photos.  Despite our best efforts as Plastic Surgeons, nature doesn't always agree with our plan.  When there are complications, most reputable surgeons want to do the right thing and help correct the issues.  Unless your surgeon seems callous and unwilling to correct the issue, I suggest you let him/her help you achieve an improved result.  Otherwise, I suggest you meet with a different reputable board certified Plastic Surgeon for a second opinion.  Good luck!

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Revision Surgery?

Thank you for your question.
I'm so sorry you are not satisfied with your #mommymakeover results!  If you have good faith in your #boardcertified plastic surgeon and he is willing to revise your results, go for it!  If not, you need to look for another surgeon in your area.
Best of luck.

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Thank you for your question and photos.  I can understand why you would be concerned for a revision with your surgeon.  As he or she probably told you in the pre-operative period that healing can be an issue in all patients with any surgery despite doing a prefect surgery.   If your surgeon is willing to correct the complications and you feel comfortable with working with them then I think it is reasonable to proceed with them.  Most surgeons will not charge to revise their own surgeries.  However, if you seek a secondary consult with another surgeon for a scar revision be aware that there will be charges for those services. 
Best Wishes!

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Breast surgery revisions

Despite a surgeon's best planned operation, no surgeon can, with 100% certainty, guarantee a perfect outcome. He/she cannot be responsible for device related issues, issues related to the quality of the patient's own tissue, the patients smoking history or limited compliance. It is somewhat common to have bits of areolar pigment left in the vertical closure if the areola was especially large pre-op and that pigment can be removed later in the office. If the breasts enlarge post op or if the patient gets pregnant, the repair may need to be re-done as a secondary procedure, not as a revision of the first. Finally, keep the chains of communication open with the first surgeon. He/she is likely to know what is reasonable vs. not reasonable. He knows how/if the breast have changed over the months since surgery. He knows the limitations to which he might have been restricted by the patient (such as extremely large implants or subglandular implant placement in smokers which makes the breast lift extremely tenuous) , he knows what issues may have lead to healing difficulties and how they were successfully addressed. And finally, he/she is likely to be the less expensive option.

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Mommy make-over - unhappy with scars. What to do?

Thank you for asking about your mommy make-over revision.
  • Assuming your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, you should be fine.
  • A small revision of a tummy tuck is common- and easily corrected.
  • Your breast implants scars suggest that you had a lift with large implants -
  • This can lead to trouble healing and poor scars.
  • You own surgeon will charge a much lower fee for revision than a new surgeon -
  • If you have lost faith with your surgeon though, you need a new plastic surgeon and will pay standard fees.
  • Another option for the breast scar is to conceal it with a decorative tattoo - 
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Usually best to stay with your original surgeon for revision

There are many factors beyond the surgeon's control that can influence the final outcome. Assuming your doctor is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, you are usually best off staying with the one who knows your situation best.

Richard Baxter, MD
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I need a revision - what are my options?

Hi Erica- thank you for your question and for including pictures. Sometimes it is difficult to predict who will have scarring issues when we perform surgery. Even the best surgeons have occasional patients who unexpectedly have wound healing issues. The real determinant in staying with your surgeon should be how they are treating you and if they are responsive to your concerns. The issues you have are fairly straight forward to fix so if you are comfortable with them then I think it is reasonable to have them fix it. Another option would be to seek a second opinion to see what that doctors approach with be. Best of luck. 

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I need a revision - what are my options?

I am sorry to hear about your concerns after the revisionary operation.  Patients who are thinking about revisionary surgery often experience anxiety (understandably). Generally speaking, assuming you are working with a board certified plastic surgeon who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients with this type revisionary breast surgery, you are best  off (for many reasons) allowing him/her to improve your situation.  It will be important, again for many reasons including  improving your confidence level, that you view lots of before/after photographs of patients in similar situations. Make sure, prior to proceeding, that you are both on the same page when it comes to what your concerns/goals are and that you have realistic expectations of what can be achieved with additional surgery. I hope this, and the attached link dedicated to revisionary breast surgery concerns, helps. Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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