I Had Mersilene Mesh Chin Implant, and Feel a Small Bump Beside It... What Could It Be?

I had a mesh chin implant 31 days ago, and it was ok so far, but since I'm not as swollen as I was before, I can star seeing some things I'm a little concerned. The right side is not as swollen, but the left side is more swollen. I can feel a small bump just where (I believe) the implant ends. It's a little tender to the touch but not much. It's not red, nor warm, but you can feel it if you run your finger over the skin, outside the mouth, not inside. What could this be? GOD bless!

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Prominent Chin Implant Edge - Implant Or Infection?

Mersilene mesh chin implants do not usually have tapered edges unless they are cut that way at the edges prior to insertion. These implants are hand-made from rolled synthetic mesh which is originally made for abdominal hernia repairs. Thus it is likely you are feeling an edge of the implant on one side that is prominent. In addition, it is also possible that the edge of the implant got rolled up or some layers of the mesh at the edge got pulled back during insertion. Either way, this can also create a palpable implant edge. The other possibility is that this is a developing infection. Such infections often don't appear until two to six weeks after surgery as it takes time for bacteria to replicate once one is off antibiotics. if so, this will become more apparent over the next few weeks. if not and the bump remains unchanged over the next few months, then it is a turned up edge of the implant.

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31 days after mersiline mesh can be still healing

I would present this to your surgeon and have them look at it. It is still too early to tell what that is. Most likely it could be inflammation that wll resolve as it has been only 31 days since your procedure. I would wait.Swelling, Redness, tenderness to feeling, oozing foul odors in your mouth can all be signs of infection. You don't seem to have any of these except for the swelilng.

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