After having juverderm how much swelling should I expect? My lips have swollen to a ridiculous size! Only had 1ml! (Photo)

Yesterday I had 1ml syringe of juverderm. This was from a new practitioner but I usually get 1ml or 0.5ml every year with no problems. My appointment was 30 mins everything seemed fine besides being told I had a bruise. Today both sides are swollen and I look like Daffy Duck although my bottom lip is fine. Contacted my practitioner who told me continue ice and take Benadryl . Should I be overly concerned as my lips have never reacted like this? Can't leave the house is this to be expected?

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Juvederm and swelling.

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This is still very early days- swelling is almost universal following filler to the lips. It can take up to 10 days before settling down. I would not stress, wait for things to settle. In the worse scenario Juvederm- Restylane or any HA filler can be dissolved with Hyaluronidase- a special enzyme that breaks down HA fillers. 

Hang tight.

Kind regards

Dr Davin Lim 
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

Lip filler...

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Thank you for your question.  This could be swelling or it could be overcorrection.  Please wait a week to see if the swelling resolves if not then return to your physician for further evaluation and management.  Why did you decide to add additional volume this time when in the past you have been very happy with a half mL?  Thanks, Dr. Matt Elias

Matthew Elias, DO, FAAD
Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 6 reviews

Delayed lip swelling after Juvederm

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It is too early to determine at 1 day how much of this is overfill or swelling. The 10 minutes post picture suggests that the subsequent swelling will be a temporary event.

The more important question is why youchose 1 cc this time versus previous times when you had a half cc. 

Dr H Karamanoukian
#RealSelf100 Member

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Lip Fillers and Juvederm Swelling NYC

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Juvederm and other fillers can temporarily swell the lips, especially the fist day after the injections.  I would definitely ice the treated area and wait at least one week to evaluate the lips before judging the results.  Best, Dr. Green

Are your lips over-filled or just swollen?

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Thank you for posting your question and photo. One day after injection of Dermal Fillers into the lips there is usually swelling. It is not possible this early to determine if you are over-filled as well. The use of cold compresses is a good idea. If you are displeased after a week goes by, see your injecting physician for treatment with Vitrase to dissolve the filler.
Always see a highly trained/experienced doctor for your treatment with dermal fillers.
Good luck,

Lip swelling 1 day post lip filler

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for the next day your swelling is normal. I am not sure why you swelled more this time rather than the last times you have been injected. What I can see from these pictures is this is not alarming and very normal. Swelling can last up to 2 weeks in some cases even longer. When the swelling goes away and you still do not like the look it can be dissolved with a product called Hyaluronidase. 

Lee B. Daniel, MD
Eugene Plastic Surgeon

Lip swelling after Juvederm

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It appears that this swelling is within the norm. Elevating your head of bed will help when sleeping. It looks to me that the upper lip was injected too much as it should be smaller than the lower lip by a ratio of 1:1.61. Wait the 10 days and go back if the results aren't what you expected. Call your doc if you still have concerns.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 75 reviews

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