Black Area and Indents in Boob 2.5 Mths Out? (photo)

My Dr said possible edema on right boob, I notice if I wear bras they leave a indent. Still has dark hue to bottom of right breast, not dropping. I go back in 2 months, he took photos to compare. I have been using a heating pad on it before massaging hoping to release it into pocket, is this bad? I also workout , will small 2/5 weights cause it to not drop, if I do arm exercising? I also want to know how some questions are much longer then 500 letters, I could give more info. Sorry!

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Higher implant 2.5 months after surgery.

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The implant on the right certainly appears a bit higher than the left side. This could be due to a capsular contracture of the implant. If you had significant bruising after the implant placement, a hematoma may have been the cause of the contracture. Unfortunately, without an exam, it is impossible to give you a firm answer. Keep in close contact with your plastic surgeon and follow their instructions. Indentations and breast edema are not uncommon but should dissipate by 3 months.

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Breast implant problems after 2.5 months

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Its difficult to say what the indent and hyperpigmentation are from without more details and the ability to examine you. However, at 2.5 months, its still fairly early. I would give it a few more months for things to settle and/or fade. If you are not satisfied with the answer you get form your surgeon after about 6 months, I suggest getting a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Best of luck.

Paul Wigoda, MD
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3 Months after Breast Implants and Breast Lift and Indentations

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 3 months after breast implants and a breast lift the most likely reason for the way the breasts look is that the right breast implant has not completely dropped.  Early capsular contracture would be another concern, particularly if the breast is becoming harder.  The indentations are hard to size up over the web, and an exam can sort these things out.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Black Area and Indents in Boob 2.5 Mths Out?

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Over the internet even with the posted photos very hard to determine your issues. Best to seek in person second opinions from boarded PSs in your city. 

Breast issue

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I can not explain the darkness but it looks like you have a capsular contracture on that side. It may be from blood?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast Asymmetry

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You have a capsular contracture, and it could have been caused by blood that had accumulated around the implant after the surgery.  There are no non-surgical techniques that show any significant or consistent efficacy to remedy this problem: this includes elastic breast bands, message, heating pads, medications including Singulair and Accolate, or high dose vitamin E.

You should allow complete healing, around 6 months, and have a total capsulectomy and replacement of a new implant.  This is the standard of care.

Best of luck.

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation with Lift

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I do think that you have some edema (swelling) and some bruising on the right side.  I also think that it looks like that implant has not dropped yet.  For these cases, I sometimes use a breast band on that side to push the implant down.  But I do think that you have a higher breast fold on that side (the crease below your breast) and so that entire breast is naturally higher than the left and this will likely always be this way (differences from each side are normal).  I usually wait about 6 months before doing another operation if something needs to be done, so that complete healing and less swelling.  Good luck!

Color and surface irregularity after BAM and lift

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First, I would urge you to stop using a heating pad, as I have seen these cause 3rd degree burns- especially in skin where sensation is compromised.  If you want heat, use a hot water bottle with temp that your lips can tolerate for up to 15 seconds.

On to your problem at hand.  Based on your pics I am making some inferences.  It looks like you had a breast lift along with an aug.  The first pic shows a dark colored area with what appears to be thinned tissue overlying the breast implant.

I think that you are looking at poor coverage over the implant (but I can't be sure here).  I don't know why this would happen, or if this is the case.  I don't know if this will lead to anything else or not, but I believe that is the problem.



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