What is the Mercator Tummy Tuck? Better Than Other Surgery Techniques

There has been an increase in the advertising of the Mercator Abdominoplasty. One surgeon states; Rather than being an "Artistic Expression" (like many plastic surgeons would like to say about their work), the Mercator Abdominoplasty design uses rigorous lines of reference and measurement techniques to construct a surgical plan that conforms to the abdomen under scrutiny. This shortens the surgical time while improving results. Can you help explain this better?

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What is the Mercator Tummy Tuck?

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There is NO specific technique by that name. Here is another example of someone trying to brand an long-standing operation done over a thousand times a day to make himself appeal to unsuspecting readers.

 As any casual research on Plastic Surgery will amply demonstrate, today's path to knowledge is strewn with pile after pile of BS, puffery and unfounded claims by some doctors making it hard to separate fact from fiction. But, as a rule, the fancier the term attached to an operation, with a few exceptions, open your eyes and be careful what you are stepping into.

Gerard de Kremer who later became known as Gerardus Mercator was a famous 16th century map maker (cartographer) who originated the term ATLAS (the name of his first published map collection) and a pioneer globe maker.

Mercator had NOTHING to do with Medicine and especially Plastic Surgery. His name is being used gratuitously. Most successful Plastic surgeons do not cut without measuring and planning. They TAILOR and customize each Tummy Tuck to their patients individual needs.

I would suggest you not fall for such marketing.

Peter A Aldea, MD


Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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