Mentor High vs Moderate Plus Smooth Round Gel Subglandular? (photo)

Capsular Contraction Revision 1991 Replicon Gel/Poly MUST ORDER 12/16. 62yo,5'5",145-150lb,subgland,never preg,34"under breasts,40"breasts,385cc Replicon, REPLACEMENT Mentor 375cc smooth round gel. Saw 2 PS who have personal preferences for patients. One high & one only uses high for reconstruction & Mod+ for rest. High PS doing surgery subglandular will use Mod+ if I want. Want to look close to now without capsules(error conservative side) Left top part worse. MUST ORDER 12/16 FOR SURGERY 12/19/13. 2nd opinion confused issue. Please help choose high or mod+?.

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High vs moderate plus is the wrong focus

With removal of the existing implant's 385cc plus removal of the scar capsule itself also removing some volume (which is sometimes quite thick with Polyurethane coated implants), you may want to consider a larger replacement volume than 375cc "to look close to now". The diameter of the replacement implant is, in my opinion, the most important factor to make the resulting breast look right on your chest, which means whichever implant profile combines those two numbers (diameter and desired volume)is the right choice. I agree with others that if you are uncertain, you should clarify with your surgeon BEFORE surgery why he/she is recommending the implant they have chosen.  An "I only use high profile" answer means that surgeon effectively is ignoring 2/3 of the available implants; an "I would only recommend the high profile in your particular case" is an answer that has thought behind it and can be explained to you.  The decision is ultimately yours, but it is your surgeon's job to guide you to the right choices.  Get explanations and more opinions and feel comfortable before you have surgery.

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Mentor High vs Moderate Plus Smooth Round Gel Subglandular?

If the surgeon is making you choose the implant, you may want to choose another surgeon. It is his job, not yours, to know which implant will achieve the look you want with your anatomy. After all, how many breast augmentations have you performed and who is getting paid for his experience?

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Your history sounds complicated.  You need to be examined in person to determine the best implant for you.  See a BC PS in your area.

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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Mentor High vs Moderate Plus Smooth Round Gel Subglandular?

Bad idea to follow over the internet doctors recommendations. We can not examine you. Seek more IN PERSON visits..

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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You need to trust your surgeon

If you do not trust the surgeon who you are going to have operating on a difficult case then you are going to have troubles.  Your surgeon is the only one who knows what he/she is going to be doing in the OR and understands your current tissues and measurements.  There is much more to the surgery than simply opening an implant box and sliding it inand the difference between high profile and mod plus is only a few millimeters.  Thus, any guidance from a website like this would just be a guess.

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Mentor High vs Moderate Plus Smooth Round Gel Subglandular?

As you know, specific advice would necessitate in-person examination. Given that you have choices to make in the near future, I would suggest that you choose the plastic surgeon who can demonstrate the most significant experience achieving the types of results you are looking for.  Then, once you have made this important decision, careful communication with your chosen plastic surgeon will be key when it comes to selection of appropriate breast implant size and profile.

 Given your history, I would suggest sub muscular breast augmentation;  consideration also should at least be given to the use of acellular dermal matrix, in an effort to reduce chances of recurrence of encapsulation.

 In my practice, I prefer to have a variety of sizes/profile breast implants available in the  operating room. Often, the decision of what size/profile breast implants will best achieve a  patient's goals is best made after the use of temporary sizers ( intraoperative decision).

 Sorry I cannot be of more specific help to you.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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