After 1 year will unevenness go away? My left breast is significantly smaller. If no, is there a surgical step to correct it?

My right breast is full, round, natural looking. My left breast is smaller, much less full, it never settled the way my right breast did. It has looked the same for like 4 months. The bottom of my left breast probably a quarter to a half inch higher than my right breast. I had my last consultation about 2 months ago and she said it would be my last unless a concern came up. She's been telling me for months to let the unevenness go away over time. But it has been 1 year and nothing.

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Uneven breasts at one year, what to do?

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     It is difficult to advise you without photographs.  Based upon your description, I would not expect much improvement after one year.  You will probably need a revision but would again discuss this with your surgeon and it that does not help, seek a second opinion.  Good luck 

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Breast asymmetry is the norm rather than the exception.  Fold asymmetry is likely not going to change.  If volume is the issues, perhaps changing the implant can help.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Uneven breasts

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Without photographs it's difficult to tell what's going on. Generally speaking, one year postoperatively I doubt that there will be much more settling of your breast implants. Some adjustment of the pocket may be necessary and/or fat grafting to even up the size. I recommend you go back to your operating surgeon to discuss these options and if needed, get a second opinion from another qualified cosmetic plastic surgeon in your region. Best of luck.

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Thank you for your question.

At 1 year, the unevenness will likely not go away without some kind of intervention.  I would contact the surgeon again for an appointment to discuss your concerns.


Dr. Dan Krochmal

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