What Mental Exercises Are Good for Rhinoplasty Depression?

How long does depression last after surgeries like rhinoplasty? How common is it for patients too feel even more depressed about their looks after cosmetic surgery?

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Post-rhinoplasty depression

This phenomenon is a lot more common than you think. About 1/3 of patients having a rhinoplasty procedure experience some sort of depression or anxiety related depression which can last up to six weeks after their procedure. Part of the reason relates to accepting the changes which can be either dramatic or subtle depending upon what you had done to your nose. I find one of the best remedies is to not look at your nose in a mirror on a daily basis but to look at it only once a week. This usually helps my patients.

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How common is it for patients too feel even more depressed about their looks right after cosmetic surgery?

It is common for people to feel depressed right after Cosmetic Surgery. The excitement and anticipation of the surgery are temporarily replaced by discomfort, by swelling, in some by family disapproval ("Why did you have to change OUR family nose?"), by spousal or co-worker disapproval ("I can't believe you paid so much to look like this...",  "I don't really see a difference" OR the classic "Who did this to you?") and by a genuine mourning of missing the old you which is no longer there. This is best addressed by avoiding the mirror, shutting out negative comments and thinking positively whenever the blue thoughts invade your thinking. If you find yourself unable to comply you may need referral to a psychiatrist with temporary use of anti-depressant medication.

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What Mental Exercises Are Good for Rhinoplasty Depression?

If you are experiencing depression after your Rhinoplasty you should seek the help of a medical professional to assist you with this issue as soon as possible.

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