3 weeks post op & belly button is healing with a crevice instead of closing. Am I having the right treatment? (Photo)

Only 1 side of belly button healed the ther side seems to be healing with a crevis around the cut. Doctors aid only scrapes it to get blood flowing, but nothing else. Should they be doing anything else?

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See your surgeon

You appear to have wound separation and inflammation probably due to the suture used. You might need suture removal or possible replacement with less reactive sutures. Generally the wound will settle down, contract and heal. It might take 6-12 months for the scars to soften and become less noticed.

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Delayed healing after tummy tuck

Thank you for your question and photo.
Congratulations on your recent surgery. It appears that the right side of your bellow button incision is opening. This will all heal with time. You should definitely see your plastic surgeon sooner rather than later to begin appropriate wound care.

Best of luck. The incision will eventually heal and the scar will soften.

- Dr Bryson Richards

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Belly button

You need to be seen by your PS so that appropriate wound care can be done.  There may be a suture in the wound that can cause delayed wound healing.

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