Should I have been informed of removal of portion of pectoral muscles after prophylactic skin sparing mastectomy?

Should informed consent have been requested...don't think the intent was to remove the muscle pre surgery, prior to removal? Should I have been informed of their removal post surgery? Should their removal have been included in Operative report? What effect, if any, would this have on the DIEP surgery? What long term physical effects can this cause?

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The aim of the oncologic surgeon in any cancer surgery is to remove all the cancer and obtain a clean margin. That includes removing part of the muscle if the cancer is sitting or involving the muscle. Do not blame your surgeon , thank him/Her for doing a complete job and doing a thorough cancer surgery.
Now discussion with the oncologic surgeon, oncologist and radiation therapy is : what is the next step to control the cancer. then or during this time discussion with the plastic surgeon and the team on timing and method of reconstruction.

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