What is wrong with my boobs? 2 and a half months post op. (Photo)

Stretch marks are forming on lower breast and pain. Very uneven! Doctor keeps telling me to massage and saying there's no need to worry yet but I am very concerned.

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Uneven breasts

Any preoperative pictures that we could see? It looks like your left breast was smaller to begin with, which would explain the tighter skin and the fullness at the top compared to the other side. If this is the case, the difference between your breasts will surely improve further during the coming months, but do not expect them to ever become identical.

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Before surgery pictures would be helpful

You do have asymmetry of the shape and fold position. You had this before surgery or maybe due to the surgery. please see your surgeon or send before pictures.

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Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question and pictures, and congratulations on your surgery.  I'm sorry you are going through this, but I do not think there is cause for concern at this point.  It can take up to 6 months for your breasts to heal and your implants to settle into their final position.  Up until then, your skin is stretching to accommodate the implant and your body is adjusting.  It is normal for each breast to heal at a different rate.  If your breasts were a little bit different before surgery, then they will be a little different after surgery (sisters not twins), but at 2.5 months post-op it is too early to know how the left breast will look when it has finally settled. Keep in touch with your surgeon, and try as much as possible not to be overly concerned until everything has healed.  The stretch marks you are noticing might be your skin accommodating the implant, or they could have been there before surgery but are now more stretched out and noticeable.  Best of luck in your recovery, and for having an outcome you love.  

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Concern after breast augmentation

Thanks for your post.  To some extent we are limited in addressing your question without knowing your preoperative anatomy.  As I am sure you are aware, it is normal for a woman's native breasts to be asymmetric.  With an augmentation, some of this asymmetry may become somewhat exaggerated, especially in the early phase of recovery.  That being said, it can take up to 6 months for your implants to fully settle into position.  Furthermore, the rate at which they will settle is frequently different.  In other words, the right implant may settle weeks or even months before the left implant and vice versa.  I would advise that you continue to follow the guidance of your primary surgeon and hold off making an assessment of your results until 6 months.  I know that requires a great deal of patience and faith on your part but I certainly wound expect further improvement in the symmetry over time.  Good luck!

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Uneven breasts

Thank you for your question and photos.  It appears that your left breast is taking longer to drop than your right, which is not uncommon after a breast augmentation.  I recommend that you continue to follow the instructions of your surgeon moving forward to ensure optimal healing and that your breasts settle into even positions.  Although it is difficult, remain patient and maintain close contact with your surgeon moving forward.

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Breast Augmentation Post Op Asymmetry

It can actually take from 3-6 months for your new breasts to fully heal and drop/settle into their new position and as you are experiencing, each breast heals/drops at a different rate. Follow your doctor's advise to hurry along to process but there's no need to be alarmed at this point. The stretch marks could have been present before your augmentation and the stretch of the implant has just made them more noticeable or it could be your skin accommodating a large implant. The pain is not typical at this point, but, again, it could be your body adapting to the larger implant. I'm sorry that you are experiencing this, but I don't think there is a need to be concerned. Just notify your surgeon if anything changes. Hope this helps and good luck -- Dr. Nazarian

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Not settled down yet

 From the photos you included, at two months postoperatively, it would appear that the left breast implant has not migrated down to the bottom of the pocket created for it. I would have my patient stretch and massage that side to try and help it move downward. Ask your plastic surgeon what tricks they have to help that implant migrate inferiorly. I wouldn't be concerned that it won't move down into the pocket until at least six months has passed. Good luck for an uneventful recovery.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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Concerns about breast augmentation healing

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • It appears that your implants are under the muscle and one implant has not finished settling in place.
  • This can take time to self-correct, sometimes six months.
  • Ask your surgeon what you can do to hurry things up - 
  • Stretch marks can appear when a large implant is placed and skin isn't strong enough to accommodate it without stretch marks.
  • Pain is unusual this long after implants unless they are very large for your body -
  • When they are, some patients report pain lasting as long as six months.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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What's wrong with my boobs?

The left implant appears to be sitting higher than the right.  The implants usually take 3-6 weeks to drop or settle, but can take 3-6 months.  There are "exercises" you can do to help stretch the inferior pocket on the left to help the implant settle.  Your surgeon should be able to show you what to do.  Also, wearing a bandeau strap may help.  If the implant(s) don't settle over the next three months, you may need a revision surgery to reposition the implant(s) lower.

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What is wrong with my boobs? 2 and a half months post op.

Seek in person second opinions from only boarded PSs...................................................

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