Suture Abscess 8 months after Navel Revision, what should I do?? (photos)

I had a naval revision done in October 2015 almost 2 1/2 years after FTT. This is the second time since the naval revision that I've had a abscess. Do I need to have this suture removed????? I'm on antibiotics and it appears to be helping with the infection. The picture are day 4 and 6 of the recent abscess flair up.

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I suspect that this may be a permanent suture as infections can be difficult and sometime not possible to clear without removing the suture. There could also be other reasons you may be having a recurrent infection in the area. I would discuss this with your surgeon.

Remove The Suture

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You don't really have a choice.  If you don't remove the suture the infections will continue to recur.  Over time, this is going to ruin the aesthetic appearance of the belly button.  This is not uncommon, and surgeons often don't want to remove the foreign material, but they are kidding themselves.  
Good Luck!

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