Will my incisions come apart now that I have removed the tape placed by my doctor after the surgery?

I took a shower and the tape my PS placed on both my tummy tuck and Breast incision got wet so I pulled them off. I'm 6 days post op and I placed polysporin on both incisions and placed first aid tape over them alone with paper tape. Will my incisions come open or will I be ok til my post op visit with him on Wednesdays. He placed dissolvable stitches inside both incisions.

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Your incisions will not come apart by removing the tape

You should be fine without any tape in place on your incisions. Your steristrips were most likely going to be removed or at least changed at your first visit. Some plastic surgeons do not even place these tapes after surgery. The sutures that are placed at the time of surgery are what is holding together your incision. 

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Tape doesn't strengthen wound closure

  Your incisions should be fine as the hidden sutures provide their main support.  Call your surgeon as some surgeons think that long term skin taping improves eventual scar appearance

John M. Griffin, MD (retired)
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Tape probably not necessary

Thanks for your question. It sounds like you had steristrips placed on the outside. The internal sutures however are the main wound support. You can call your surgeon's office for piece of mind, but I'm betting that you are okay. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
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Will my incisions come apart now that I have removed the tape placed by my doctor after the surgery?

Your are far out that your incisions are mostly secure.  Your surgeon will be best to advice you regarding this matter.  Meanwhile, you can apply Topical antibiotic to your wounds until you see him. Good luck. 

Maan Kattash, MD, FRCS, FACS
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External tape does not really support the surgical repair of an abdominoplasty incision.

Re-taping your incision is probably of no benefit. You should call your surgeon's office and ask for instructions on wound care.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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