How long after breast reduction before it's safe to resume to wire bras?

It's going on two months now and I feel that I'm healed well enough on the outside to start back wearing them. Advice greatly appreciated

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Wire Bra After Breast Reduction #breastreductionseattle

  • Each plastic surgeon may have his/her recommendations for wearing a bra after breast reduction. 
  • At two months, if you are well healed, as you mention that your are, wearing a wire bra should be no problem at all!
  • I have my breast reduction patients wear a soft and supportive bra that we provide for a couple weeks, and they may switch over to whichever kind of bra they feel most comfortable in after that time has passed.

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How long after breast reduction before it's safe to resume to wire bras?

Thank you for your question.  In my practice, patients typically return to wearing wire bras around 6 weeks after a breast reduction.  This can be variable depending on several factors.  Be sure to ask your surgeon.  Good luck.

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Ok at two months...

Hello and thanks. I would be comfortable with a breast reduction patient wearing a bra after 2 months since the surgery. You should run this by your plastic surgeon's office. I'm sure it will just be a quick call. Best, Dr. ALDO

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