I had a lift and implants. Why does one of my areolas drain daily? (photos)

My right areola is very hard and almost a charcoal color. The texture is completely different than my left and I have very minimal feeling in it. My main concern is that it drains.. Sometimes, it it's itchy and sometimes I feel a throbbing pain. I have drainage constantly. Sticks to my bra, gauze everything. My PS has requested I see my OBGYN as I am one week in Sulfameth and no signs of improvement. Please help? What do you think this is and how do I resolve?

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Drainage may be from allergic reaction to ointment

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Thanks for your question. The images are very magnified and it's hard to discern exactly what is happening. It could be that if you are using a topical ointment like Neosporin, that you have a sensitivity to it. The hardness and firmness you are describing however can be seen with excessive swelling or lack of blood supply to an area. If your breasts and nipple/areolar complexes are otherwise not swollen, and your surgeon doesn't appreciate any issues other than the skin weeping- it is likely a contact dermatitis. Not sure why it's only on one side. Dermatologist might be helpful too. Best of Luck!

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Still draining post lift/aug

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From your photos i would bet that this is due to some retained sutures and given time your surgeon can remove them or they will fall and or absorb.Make sure you have no fever.

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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