How common is it for permanent sutures to become infected? What are some of the symptoms one might display? (Photos)

I had an Abdominoplasty on 06/28/2013. Unfortunately, I had a very poor outcome. Long story short, I had an abdomen full of abscesses and MRSA. Recently, I have had and continue to have eruptions vertically down my abdomen. With some of them, a Bluish-Green suture material that has literally "popped" through my skin. These areas start as reddish marks, HARD to the touch, quarter-sized then erupt with drainage. Thank you! *Please see initial profile review for details re: post-op

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Most permanent sutures do not get infected, but if you carry MRSA, you may have a higher rate of wound problems after your operation.  Sometimes the body spits sutures whether they are permanent or not, or infected or not.  The photos suggest that process.  

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