Should I get braces again or is there something else that could help? (photos)

I chipped my two front teeth as a child (it's a triangle shape in the middle- a very small chip). I've been getting mold to fill in the chip at my dentist. I want to get veneers in the future. I had something on the roof of my mouth that I had to insert a key in. It was to fix my cross bite. I also had braces for about a year and a half about 6 years ago. I stopped wearing my retainer after about a year and I feel like my teeth have shifted. How can I fix my teeth?

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The Best Answer by far!!!

In your case Invisalign would be by far the best solution.  Invisalign is faster, more comfortable, and a healthier orthodontic technology than traditional wire and bracket orthodontics.  Although I do not know all the details of your situation,  I would advise that you get an opinion from a General Dentist who has a lot of experience with Invisalign Orthodontic treatment before you proceed.  Crossbites are very much more easily corrected using Invisalign than traditional orthodontics because the aligners eliminate the interferences during movement of the teeth.  If you want veneers or other cosmetic alternatives after the realignment of your teeth, again Invisalign is by far the best way to set up the future care and a good general/cosmetic dentist is by far the best alternative.

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