Bilateral Mastectomy... Right side swelling daily (photos)

Three weeks since my bilateral Mastectomy, drainage tubes were pulled 5day ago. Left side (where the cancer was found) is still draining a little. Right side has not drained at all since drains were pulled. Yet, it is very tight n swelling daily. Could this be a fluid build up that need to be release or something more serious? Help

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Seroma after mastectomy with or without reconstruction

This can happen in either situation.  In or practice we typically remove drains when they are less than 30cc/24 hours.  You can still accumulate fluid.  Follow up with your surgeon.

Post operative swelling

More than likely it is a seroma, or build up of fluid at the surgical site that was being wicked away by the drains, but is now accumulating. It is not dangerous and your body will take care of it, but as this looks uncomfortable, I would recommend calling your surgeon to see if it can be drained through the skin. 

Heather Richardson, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills General Surgeon
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