Can I HaveMy Breast Implant Removal with Complete Capsulotomy?

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Breast implant removal and capsulotomy or capsulectomy

There are several separate issues and decisions here. 

All breast implants heal with a layer of scar tissue around them which is called a capsule. Capsules can be normal or abnormal just like scars. If a capsule or scar is removed then a new scar will form. There is no reason or advantage to doing this if the capsule or scar is normal. 

Removing implants is one decision. In general, there is no reason to remove the capsule around the implant just because it's there as a new layer of scar will form and the removal of the capsule (capsulectomy) is more involved, expensive, and has more risks of problems. Capsulotomy means putting cuts in the capsule to reshape it and there is no reason to do this either if the capsule is normal and the implant is removed. 

If the capsule is abnormal due to thickness, calcium deposit, silicone permeation or something suspicious, then partial or even complete capsulectomy might be needed. Generally this is still considered a cosmetic procedure and unless there is breast cancer involved, is not something to expect insurance to cover. 

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Can I HaveMy Breast Implant Removal with Complete Capsulotomy

My assumption is that you mean total capsullectomy, removal of the entire capsule around the implants. That can certainly be done. As with all decisions, it requires a favorable balance of benefits and risks. 

If you have leaking silicone implants, most would advice trying to remove the entire capsule. If on the other hand, the capsule is soft and normal, many surgeons would leave it, feeling that the risks (bleeding, interrupting blood and nerve supply to the nipples, areolas, and breast skin) outweigh the benefits (less chance of seroma). Discuss with your surgeon. Thanks for your question, all the best, 

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Total Capsulectomy

Capsulotomy means making cuts in the breast implant capsule. Capsulectomy means total removal of the breast capsule. The breast implants can be removed with total capsulectomy. This will prevent accumolation of fluid in the capsule pocket.

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Removal of Breast Implants and Capsulectomy?

Removal of soft/thin capsule (capsulectomy) around breast implants can be done but is not “mandatory” during breast implant removal surgery. Removal of this “normal” capsule will not necessarily improve the outcome of the procedure.

However, if the breast implant capsule is thickened, calcified, or palpable (firm),  then capsulectomy  is a good idea.  Removal of the breast implant capsule will have pros/cons associated with it.

Best wishes.

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Implant removal and capsulectomy

Implant removal can often be done with a complete capsulectomy but not all the time depending on the quality of the tissues among some things.

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Breast Implant Removal with Capsulectomy

Yes, breast implants can be removed along with the breast capsule (capsulectomy). This is usually done in situations in which there is capsular contracture (a firm shell develops around the implant). Capsulotomy, alternatively, means making incisions in your breast capsule and usually is employed when trying to change the shape of the breast implant pocket.

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