8 months post op, left breast is higher, nipples points upward, and scar is not in the crease. What is wrong? (photo)

Im now 8 months post op and I dont know what is going on with my breasts. I love the look of them in clothes but think they look bad due to uneveness without clothing. The left in each picture is the problem breast. The nipple is pointing upwards and the incision scar is not in the crease.. it is higher than the other breast. Please give me some advice. I have attached a before photo also.

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It appears that there might be some breast implant pocket issues


I suspect many of the issues that you are seeing with the appearance of your breasts are related to the breast implant pocket, specifically being a little too low--sometimes referred to as bottoming out.  If you lift your breasts up with your hands or with a bra and you like the appearance of your breasts that further supports the idea that your implants may be sitting a little too low.  Raising them up will require a capsullorhaphy or pocket tightening/closure.

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You have bottoming out and that is why the incision is high

Your before pictures and after are very helpful. Your implants seems to be above the muscle and are too big for your chest. The solution would to use smaller implants and  to place the implants under the muscle. You have mild scoliosis based on the position of your left shoulder compare to the right side and it contribute to the difference in the shape.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Uneven breasts after surgery

The left breast in the photo, which I would typically think would be your right breast, looks like it has simply bottomed out just a little bit. This is due to the implant sliding down a little below the natural inframammary crease. It should be a fairly easy thing to get fixed so speak to your plastic surgeon.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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From your pictures it looks like you have great looking results. As women you will never have a symmetrical breast that is nature. If you look at your left before picture you will see you were a little off to start off.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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What is wrong with breast augmentation

Hi there,

You have bottoming out certainly on the right and possibly a little on the left. On the right there is a small double bubble. This is fixable as day surgery. The upper poles are quite visible, and the question is whether at the same time as fixing the bottoming out the implants are converted to a dual plane pocket. This would require an examination - pictures often make the upper pole look different to how it looks in person, and might not be necessary. Either way, it's not difficult to correct.  It's worth considering downsizing a little bit too I suspect - the implants are large on your frame.  Best advice is to talk with your surgeon.  It's far from all bad- there's a lot of good about your result, and a straightforward revisional procedure can correct it all, and I think then you'll have an excellent result. You're not far away from that.  Good luck.

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