Revision Rhino. Does Medpor Cause Unusual Shape?

i was wondering regardless of your opinion on implants i wanted to know if medpor implants on the nose cause an unusual shape? i feel like the bridge of my nose is not pointy. it just feels really round and i feel like the implants augment the side of the nose too as one. what can i explain to my surgeon ? i mean is it possible to tell him to remove it and replace it with a silicone implant. im hesitant to use cartlilage as i want major augmention and my body seems to resorb grafts.

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Medpor implant for nasal reconstruction

 Medpor implants can get infections  more often, are extremely difficult to remove, and we do not recommend them. They'll also make the nose feel very stiff and unnatural. It is possible to remove the Medpor implant and replacement with silicone if there is a cartilage depleted nose present.

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Removal of Medpor Nasal Implant

You said you don't want my opinion about implants, but this is an example of why I don't recommend the use of Medpor because it is very difficult to remove. Make sure that you consult with a very experienced surgeon to determine if you can achieve the desired result.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Medpor implants

Medpor implants are porous and thus have ingrowth of tissue which can make it difficult to remove.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Medpor Implants


Medpor implants are notoriously difficult to remove especially if they have been in for a long time. Make sure you go to someone very experienced for the removal and reconstruction of the nasal implants.



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