Lipo and Etching?

hi im a 60 kg male who recently 6 weeks ago had liposuction on my tummy and breasts to treat man boobs. i also had abdominal etching. what i want to know is, that is it normal to still have "flabby" bits around my stomach. i must admit my stomach muscles havnt been worked out in a long time. my main goal was to get rid of fat areas that couldnt be exercised away and my surgeon recommended etching too. i just want to know if its normal to have little fat remaining....

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Etching is best for athletic lean patients.

Many thanks for your question. In most circumstances, patients look best with etching when they have matching luggage, that is, fully muscles elsewhere. When patients have softness or undeveloped muscles then it is best to perform more gentle contouring. The original article in abdominal etching in 1993 outlined that 15% body fat or less was adequate. If you have pockets of fat leftover from you liposuction then I would suggest suctioning these flatter to smooth your stomach.

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Liposuction Recovery and Liposuction Etching

Thank you for your question about your liposuction and etching recovery.

  • Abdominal etching is done with liposuction.
  • It removes additional fat over the rectus muscles, 
  • The goal is to create the illusion of muscle definition.
  • It will leave fat on either side of the etched areas.
  • This may explain what you are seeing.
  • At six weeks after surgery, you are still swollen. It should improve.
  • Hope this helps! Best wishes!

6 weeks after liposuction for abdominal etching

Abdomnal etching can be done for some individuals seeking liposuction.  As for flabby skin that may be related to your skin quality, but it is a bit early.

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Liposuction and Etching

   Etching involves creating an appearance in the fat to mimic the underlying musculature.  Most commonly, the etching creates the illusion of muscle definition.  It must be done precisely, but there is fat left behind.  I am not sure if flabby bits should be left behind, but, at 6 weeks, you may well have some swelling masking your final results. Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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