Laser For Male Mid 20sto Rejuvenate Skin?

what kind of lasers are good for someone in there mid 20s who is a male. i use spf everyday, and all the retinol and aha and bha products. i just feel that dont work as good or the efect doesnt last as good as tehy used to when i was younger. what lasers can i have to rejuvanate my skin. i dont like the thought of chemical peels and would like some advice on lasers that basically work similarly that can improve a dull complexion and brighten up the skin.

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IPL for males

Intense Pulse Light is a good option to brighten up the facial skin. However, you need to stop RetinA before you can undergo that treatment. You also have to make sure you are not of darker skin color, don't have seizure disorder and are not taking the following meds;

Accutane, Tetracycline or St. Johns Wort



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