Help with my teeth. (photos)

What if I had veneers on my two tiny teeth beside my front ones?i am a professional flute player.Braces will wreck my tone (and lips, right?)Even if I got Invisalign I would have to take them out for hours everyday plus putting buttons on my teeth will only make me more self conscious. Bonding isn't permanent and veneers wreck your natural teeth. ?The overbite isn't my biggest concern - it is really aesthetics.Invisalign will not fix the discrepancy in tooth sizes so I would still need cosmetic.

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Help with my teeth

Even though Invisalign is recommended,  this treatment will not change the size of your small teeth.  I would not underestimate cosmetic bonding as a solution, as it is non-invasive and can last indefinitely with occasional affordable touchups if necessary.  It should not affect your flute playing, but if it does, it is a reversible procedure and could be carefully removed with no damage to your natural teeth.  And you could still have Invisalign treatment later on if you should ever  change your mind.  

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Veneers would be your best bet ... #DrSarahThompson #STL

Veneers and crowns could be used to broaden your smile some, while making it beautifully white and symmetrically aligned.  You would likely need to veneer your top 8 teeth in the front and about 8 of your bottom teeth, if you wanted to do the top and bottom.  Often times, people like to just do the top, then do the bottom a year or two later.  Fixing your gaps and closing your spaces would not be difficult.  I'll include a link to a photo of a patient similar to you that I fixed with only 6 veneers.  They are expensive, but they are expected to last your lifetime.  I hope this helps.  You can click on save below my name if you think you may have some follow up questions of me.

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Flute player

Hi, based on the photos you do need some form of ortho treatment to get the teeth in right positions before you can have some other cosmetic work done. Invisalign would be best as it will allow to carry on your normal life. The challenge is to keep adapting to new teeth position everyday. Once braces treatment over, then you can have veneers or composite build ups to make them look better. 

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Flute player ideas

 I would highly recommend exploring Invisalign as an option. You could do a trial to see how it would be by having a dentist take impressions of your teeth and make clear plastic retainers out of Invisalign type material. You could wear them and try playing your flute. I feel like you might be able to perform as this plastic is relatively thin. You could practice and see how it might work and that would give you an idea of how Invisalign can help you. I do agree that wearing brackets and wires and trying to play a flute would probably be a difficult thing to do. You could do veneers but you would have to do several to get the correct aesthetic look. You also need to consider doing a gum lift in some areas for the proper Aesthetics. After Invisalign, you could do two veneers on your small lateral incisors to make them the correct size. The buttons could be eliminated on your front teeth most likely and if any buttons when needed I probably wouldn't have an effect if they were placed on your canines and premolars. You could have them put some fake buttons on before they take the impressions for your mock aligner trial period.

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