Is there any surgery to slim down jaw line and reduce witch's chin? (Photo)

My face is not overly square but I would like it to be a lot more slimmer and v line in shape. I have a small chin that tends to stick out whenever I smile (almost like a witch) and it's affected my self esteem a lot. Another issue that has been bothering me is a small bump that sags a little under my jaw.

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V-line surgery

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In the case of facial contuoring surgery, it is the best to have an in person consultation with X-ray and CT scan for the accurate diagnosis.

Only with this picture from the side you uploaded,  I would recommend V-line osteotomy surgery(Mandible fracture together with Genioplasty) for your jaw line. It can make your face slimmer and more balanced.

I would also recommend accusculpt(laser lipo-sculpting) for your under chin, this procedure can help to make your underchin smoother and slimmer. but i suggest you to undergo accsculpt more than 3months after the facial contuoring surgery for the overall outcome.

South Korea Plastic Surgeon

Jaw surgery

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Good question, the answer is not straightforward.  

I cannot tell completely from the picture, but I think you are describing three separate problems.

There is jaw line surgery that can reduce the size the angles of the mandible, and give a more V shaped appearance.  There is also surgery that can reduce the chin.  However, you are describing a chin deformity when you smile, this may be mentalis strain (which can be corrected with botox) or something else.  I unfortunately cannot tell from the profile. 

The small bump under the jaw is usually a pocket of fat and skin and starts to sag as we age.  This can be corrected with liposuction.

A real time consultation with a facial plastic surgeon is the best way to have all of these qualities evaluated and diagnosed.

Best of luck,

Dr Rodman

Regina Rodman, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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