Is it safe to get a BBL and a labiaplasty at the same time?

I've been wanting to get a bbl for a long time as well as a labiaplasty, however I wanted to get them both at the same time so I only have to go through one anaesthesia and one recovery period. Is this possible and a safe option for me? Also been looking for a bbl surgeon here in Melbourne and am having great difficulty. Thanks!

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Labiaplasty and BBL together

In my practice it is common for me to perform all of the procedures you mentioned at the same time. However, I use an assistant to save total operative time with the goal less than 6 hours of surgery (often far less than that) to minimize potential complications and for a speedier recovery.  The benefit is only one surgery, only one recovery (you heal from all procedures simultaneously) and that you can use the fat that would normally be discarded from the tummy tuck. Pros and cons of this decision should be part of your in depth consultation with your plastic surgeon including the increased risk of complications with long surgeries and how to prevent them. Your plastic surgeon will guide you into making the best decision in your individual case. The most important decision is picking the best plastic surgeon experienced in this technique. See link regarding finding the best surgeon for combined surgeries.

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Safe to do a labiaplasty and BBL in the same setting?

Thank you for your question and I am sorry to hear of your difficulties in finding a good surgeon.  I would recommend seeking out a board certified plastic surgeon to try and find the right combination of labiaplasty and BBL surgeon.  An aesthetic eye to both procedures is key to maximizing results.  Below I am attaching a link to the ASPS website that should help you in finding a local surgeon. Hope this helps.

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BBL and labiaplasty

Thanks for your question.  Please choose a surgeon wisely and choose them based upon experience, expertise, reputation and training.  I would encourage you to seek someone who is an expert in both. I personally do not do BBL but would direct you to David Matlock MD in Beverly Hills who is an expert in both procedures.John R Miklos MD

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BBL and labiaplasty is a common combo in my practice

There is nothing dangerous nor unusual about combining these procedures. Just make sure your surgeon is skilled at both. The recovery is not much different than that of either procedure alone and you should be back to work in a few days. The also combine well with tummy tuck and breast implants as part of either a mommy makeover or a model makeover.

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BBL and labiaplasty

I would not recommend you do these too procedures at the same time. You are mixing a "dirty" procedure, labiaplasty, with a sterile procedure, BBL. 

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BBL and labiaplasty combo

In general, a combination surgery of labiaplasty and BBL is safe in an otherwise healthy patient. However,  before you rush into a BBL please read below: Regarding buttock/hip augmentation surgery, let me start off by saying that I currently see at least 2 - 3 patients, domestic and international,  per week that failed "brazilian buttock lift" (i.e. the fat melted away after 10 - 12+ months) and are now seeking a more reliable and permanent option (i.e. buttock and/or hip implants). 
Allow me to share with you some information that you may not hear elsewhere. There are only two proven safe and relatively effective methods for Buttock Augmentation and Hip Augmentation: 1) Autologous Fat Transfer (using your own fat, transferring from one area of the body to the other) and 2) Buttock/Hip Implants (semi-solid silicone rubber implants that cannot rupture &/or leak). Both are options but what it comes down to, like any surgery, is proper patient selection and long-term results. 
Indeed because at least 80+ % of the fat transferred will melt away within a year, most patients are not good candidates because they lack an adequate amount of fat to harvest. Another tip is that if you purposely gain weight (i.e. fat) for the procedure, the fat you lose first as you get back to your baseline weight is that very same fat that was transferred into your don't fall victim to this recommendation. Even those patients that had adequate amounts of fat pre-operatively, still end up seeking buttock implants after a year or so because most of the fat transferred melted away leaving them with minimal result.  Although overall using your own fat is relatively safe, it not infrequently melts away unevenly leaving one butt cheek bigger than the other or with dimpling or hard fat cysts.  The one serious complication that can rarely (< 1%) happen is "fat embolism" in which some of the fat gets into the blood stream and travels up into the lungs, heart, and/or brain causing serious problems. This complication is more likely to happen with the larger amount of fat being transferred. This is even more likely to happen when using fillers like liquid silicone, PMMA, Sculptra, and hyaluronic acids. Also fillers, when injected in large quantities, have a relatively high infection rate, guaranteed tendency to migrate away from the original area they were injected, and almost always stimulate a lot of inflammation with a subsequent and disastrous amount of scar tissue/hardening.
Thus buttock/hip implants become a very good, safe, and long term reliable option for most patients seeking buttock/hip augmentation (at least in my practice). I prefer to insert the buttock implants through a 1 1/2 inch long incision along the inner curve of each upper buttock cheek at the level of the tailbone, similar to two opposing parentheses ")(" (concealed within the crevice between the buttock cheeks) and the hip implants through a ~ 1 inch incision just below the beltline above the hip region. The buttock implant should always be placed under or within (muscle thickness permitting) the gluteus maximus muscle. In this position, the implant is less palpable, less visible, and does not sag or shift/migrate over time unlike implants placed on top of the muscle or "subfascial". On the other hand, hip implants are placed under just the fascia because no significant muscle exists in this region. However, because they are much smaller and lighter, their likelihood of migration is relatively low. Because all of this, it is extremely important to seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in this procedure so that the implant placement is precise for both locations. And in this case too, at least in my surgical practice, the infection rate is minimized to

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Yes. As long as your doctor does both

BBL is more and more common, but a good labiaplasty is harder to come by. Make sure you can see pics from your doctor of their work in both categories. Trim labiaplasties are everywhere but can they do an extended wedge? Better nerve preservation and quicker recovery...

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Yes, safe to have BBL and Labiaplasty under one anesthesia, but...

Thanks for a great question. I've been performing this combination of procedures, including vaginoplasty, for several years now with great results. Your challenge seems to be access to an experienced surgeon who performs BBL, but once you find this surgeon you may find that he/she is not experienced in Labiaplasty.I recommend you find the best qualified surgeon to perform your Labiaplasty and then find the best surgeon for your BBL. Labiaplasty procedures can be performed in the office under local anesthesia and the recovery is easy.See link below for before and after examples of BBL combined with cosmetic vaginal surgery.

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Combined Procedures

Women have a wide range of normal  color, texture, size and asymmetries of their genitilia. This is true of the Vulva and all of its parts, the same as other parts of the body. Candidates for #labiaplasty and #vaginal surgery include women concerned about the appearance of their genitals, or those who experience discomfort, pain or difficulty with sexual relations.  Moisture can create problems such as yeast infections. Luckily there is always the option of combining desired procedures in order to gain full results at one time. This is usually referred to as the mommy makeover, but it will be best discussed with your surgeon in consultation. Best of luck to you!

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BBL and Labiaplasty

Thank you for your question. It is important when looking for a plastic surgeon to perform these procedures that they are board certified so you can achieve optimal results. It is possible to have a Brazilian butt lift and labiaplasty performed at the same time. You would have to make sure that you thoroughly follow post operative care instructions to achieve the best results and avoid any complications. I would make sure you stay off your bottom for at least two weeks (sleep on your stomach), wear your compression garment for as long as your surgeon’s protocol states (I recommend up to four weeks), apply sterile 4x4’s soaked in an iced bath of sterile saline for up to four days, apply EMLA cream for pain and Mupirocin ointment to prevent infection and refine from any type of sexual activity for at least four to six weeks. I hope this helps!
Good luck in your endeavors!

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