My left eye is small & my right is big. What do I do? (Photo)

Hello Dr. My left eye is small n right big.of late iam finding it awakrd.I can't make eye to eye contact. Plz suggest remedy for this

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Eyelid ptosis causing eye asymmetry

The cause of your eye asymmetry is likely from right upper eyelid ptosis (droopy upper eyelid) which can be corrected or improved with eyelid ptosis repair. See following video and link. See an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation.

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Eyes different size

Without examing you ,it is difficult to tell what correction needs to be done. Is this recent, or has it been present for a long time? From your photos , it appears you may have a ptosis, or drooping of the eyelid.This can be present at birth, or can develop from several different causes . There are surgical proceedures to address this . Find a surgeon who does corrective eyelid surgery and have them evaluate you.

James H. Rogers, MD
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You have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis.

The right side is worse than the left side but both have ptosis.  A detailed consultation with a oculofacial surgeon is needed to determine what is best for you.  I suspect what you need is anterior levator aponeurosis ptosis surgery.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a regional directory on their website that can help you find a highly qualified surgeon close home.

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Droopy Eyelid and Higher Lid Crease

Looks like you have right sided eyelid ptosis. Assuming you have no other reason for this other than a weak eyelid muscle, fairly minor surgical procedures may help you. All the best.

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You have a ptosis on the right side which needs to be fixed surgically.   You should see an oculoplastic surgeon who can evaluate your eyelid muscles to determine what surgery would be best for you. 

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Dear Toran

Thank you for your question and photo!  You appear to have lid ptosis- which makes the eye look smaller. The lid position can be corrected to help with the symmetry.

With Warm Regards

Trevor M Born MD

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Hi toran

Thanks for your question and photo. You appear to have droopiness of your right upper lid, otherwise called ptosis. This can be congenital, associated with aging, trauma or contact lens wear. Ptosis is a very common condition and often responds quite nicely to surgical repair. 

I would recommend an in-person evaluation with a skilled oculoplastic surgeon in your area. Good luck!

John McCann, MD, PhD
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