What should I be asking my doctor prior to Breast Augmentation?

Hi doctors, I live in Melbourne , Australia and I am flying to thailand on the 14th of December to get BA and a breast lift, my question is, in order to get prepared and ready for my treatment and to be as safe as possible what should I be asking my doctor now/ researching, taking vitamins etc? I want to be extra safe. Thank you :)

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Not a good idea

I strongly recommend you do not have your surgery performed abroad. In addition to medical standards being quite different, your surgeon won't be in the same city as where you live once you return. If complications occur, you won't be able to see the best person to address them: your original surgeon. If you decide to go abroad anyway, please make sure you at least get a full report of your surgery so that you can give it to a surgeon in your city if a complication occurs. They'll have to know the details of your surgery in order to better diagnosis your possible complication.

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Medical tourism

To begin with if you want to be safe I would not recommend you to go to Thailand to have surgery in the first place. From my experience you have no chance of knowing in advance who has gone to do your surgery, and therefore you cannot check the qualifications of that surgeon. If there's complications, I imagine that your budget will not allow you to go back to Thailand to have it redone but you have to seek out the surgeon in Australia to correct whatever has been done. This by itself will cost you more than if the surgery was done in the first place Australia. I am sure that there are many good clinics in Thailand, but your result is depending only on the experience and qualifications of the surgeon.
However if you know the name of the surgeon already, and you have recommendations to this person, the minimum you need to do is to have a consultation by Skype, and find out what technique he or she is using both for the lifting and augmentation, what the implants are, guarantees if something goes wrong, and how the post-operative care is done.
Kind regards
Dr Catherine Bergeret Galley

Catherine Bergeret-Galley, MD
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Breast augmentation

My suggestion to you is to research each procedure that you want to have. There is so much that you should know prior to your surgery. I would try to have a telephone consultation with the surgeon or at least the nurse prior to your surgery. As far as vitamin supplements, I have a list of supplements to avoid 7-14 days prior to surgery. Of course, discontinue any aspirin or aspirin containing medications 14 days prior to surgery. This same precaution also applies to all nsaids, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.
Since you want to go to another country to have your surgery, use due diligence and check the medical credentials of your surgeon. Remember too that should you have complications with your post op results that it may require a trip back to the foreign country where you had your surgery. 

Ronald Freeman, MD
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What to ask about breast augmentation.

I think most women are prepared to ask about size, but I feel an often overlooked question should be, "What will and what will not be changed by the surgery?"  It's vital that patients are aware of their unique anatomy and that many characteristics will not change regardless of implant size or shape..

Richard L. Zeff, MD
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What to ask your surgeon in consultation

Before flying to another country, you should have all ready done quite a lot of research on your plastic surgeon. Checking training, credentials, surgical facilities, viewing many, many before and after photos, etc.

When patients come to see me from another country, I will have a phone consultation with them prior to an in-person meeting to try to be as certain as possible that O can provide the result they want. If you look at my before and after images, it is clear that I am not the surgeon for a woman who wants a "fake" look. 

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What should I be asking my doctor prior to Breast Augmentation?


  • You could investigate breast surgery with your Australian board certified plastic surgeons in Melbourne. Become informed with a consultation or two prior to your visit to Thailand. This may give you safe options for care if you decide not to take your trip in December. 
  • We have many patients who travel quite a distance for their surgery. Perhaps phone calls to Sydney plastic surgeon will offer you other options for care and a December holiday.
  • You might also find out where you can receive care in your community after surgery outside of the country. If you have problems, this could become be a real problem...
Hope these thoughts are helpful..

Best Regards,

Douglas J. Raskin, MD
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Many fine plastic surgeons in Australia

The first question you need ask yourself is why on Earth you are going to a distant land for surgery.   Post op you need to be near your plastic surgeon for follow up and treatment of complications.   Breast augmentation cqn have firmness, infection, bleeding, asymmetry and other complications.   If you fly to distant lands you will have big expenses if problems.  Be logical and stay in Australia.   Ask your surgeon if he is available over the coming year after the breast augmentation.  The best plastic surgeon is the excellent one near your home.  Think this out logically.  Breast Augmentstions is a somewhat high complication rate surgery.   My Best,  Dr C

George Commons, MD
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Traveling for Surgery

Thank you for your inquiry on breast augmentation and having surgery outside of your country.

I do not recommend you leaving Melbourne for your surgery.
  • It is not a good idea to have surgery that far away from home.  You may have an emergency or complications and it is best that you are near your surgeon.
  • It is also very hard on your body to travel after surgery.
  • You should consider finding a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and at least have a consultation with them.
  • Remember, it may be cheaper to have your surgery done in Thailand, but it is safer to have your surgery done near your home.
  • If you can't find a surgeon in Melbourne, consider Sydney.
Best Wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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