I have a pain under my crown. The cap itself looks the same, no damage. I can't bite or put my finger on it. Is this normal?

Its really hurting

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I would recommend seeing your dentist to have your tooth evaluated. With an x-rays and a thorough exam you dentist will determine the cause of your pain. It is possible that the pain is being caused by a cavity under your crown, an abscess (infection) or a fracture. The best thing to do is see your dentist as soon as possible. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

How old is the crown

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It depends on how old the crown is.  If the crown has been on a while and this pain just developes, you may want to get an xray taken and see if the tooth is abscessed.  It more than likely will be and will need a root canal.  If this is a new crown that was not hurting with the temporary but hurts now, it is most likely an issue with the bite.  When you chew you are probably banging it causing the tooth and bone around it to get sore.  The doctor can fix this easily.

Joseph Proscia, DDS
Bonita Springs Dentist

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