I had my chin implant out today! All went well but I am more sore than the two previous surgeries (one put in and shifted)

Succesfully reattached and then removal due to dissatisfaction all in a month and three weeks) my dr let me know he will suture my skin back up and taped my chin. Is it normal to be sore all around and im my throat? should I go to a family dr and have my throat, thyroid and facial nerves checked for any damage maybe done on surgery? What is the probability that my chin will go back to normal. Im 41, implant was medium size and it was in for 45 days. Thank you! Thank you!

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Chin implant removal

Since you have had prior surgeries, extra scar tissue might have formed. The pain and discomfort is normal for now. I think you should just contact your surgeon and get stronger pain medicine. Most likely no other damages were done.

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