6 weeks post-op. I want my chin implant out. How soon is it safe to remove it? (photo)

I had it on a month and a half ago. It didn't attach so I had surgery 2 a month after. Today is exactly 17 days and I just decided I want it out and leave with the scar. How soon is it safe to remove it? If my doctor uses the same incision below my chin will it stretched? My doctor said he shaved a tiny bit of the bone where bleeding was to re-attached the implant but nothing noticeable. What are the side effects of having three procedures done in such short time? Will it hurt to have it removed? A previous Dr told me I wasn't a candidate and now I know why. Gob Bless for any info

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Removal of chin implant

If you are absolutely sure that you want chin implant out it can be done any time providing that there is no clear surgical contraindication. You may need to have current scar excised to avoid a buildup of scar due to 3 consecutive surgeries. You should base your decision on recommendation of your surgeon. Good luck.

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LilyAU, I would wait a minimum of 3 months to let the tissues heal appropriately. You may feel different at that point in addition. Good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
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Removing chin implant

I hate to hear what you are going through.  The right answer, to be honest with you, is "it depends on how you are healing".  That particular area (where the chin implant is), has undergone a fair bit of surgical trauma over the last 3 months.  Any further intervention in the immediate sense will prolong swelling and cause more scar tissue. It has been my experience when removing revision chin implants it is best to let things settle for around 6 months after the second procedure prior to going back in.  During that time, you certainly can go in through the same incision - the best way to determine the exact plan would be to be able to see the scar, location, and in that way we can create a better plan.  The reason for that is that there are a number of ways of going about getting to the mental aspect of the mandible to retrieve an implant - you can even do so intraorally in some cases (every patient is different and every case is different - I hate being so general).  Regardless, at this time, I would tell you to let things heal and settle down in the short term such that when you intervene you get a better result in the long term.  I hope this helps.  

Miguel Mascaro, MD
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Removal of implant

Yes it can come out. If you are convinced you want it out I would say the sooner the better. One thing to note is that you are still in the healing stage and it may significantly once the swelling goes down. So take that into account.

The risks of having the three surgeries is the fact that this will increase the amount of time it takes you to completely heal. The scar being opened 3 times may make it a bit thicker but there are options to treat that in the future. 

Pain? it is all relative. They will be able to numb the area and it should not be any more painful than the prior two.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck,


Benjamin Caughlin, MD
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Chin implant Removal Timing

The bottom line is you can remove it at any time especially if a silastic type of implant was used. However, I would wait at least three months as you may decide you like the result after all of the swelling and scar tissue settles down. Good luck with your decision.

Scott Trimas, MD
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