Chin Implant removal, does this scar seem like it will heal ok? What can I do to minimize it? (photo)

For good (I didn't like the result) My doctor said he made a new clean incision that at the end will look like the natural line under my jaw. I just had the stitches removed yesterday and I was told not to put anything and let it healed for now. Does this scar seemed that will it heal ok? What can I do to help it? I know it will always be there but I want to try to minimize it. Thank you

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Is scar from chin implant removal healing okay?

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The scar from your chin implant removal does seem to be healing well at this point.  It is important not to expose the scar to the sun, so either avoid sun exposure to the scar or use sunscreen if it is going to be exposed to the sun.  It will take several months and sometimes up to a year of the scar to heal fully.  

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