Feel like my implant may have moved?

Hello someone pls let me know if a similar thing has happened to them/ what I can do I am 5 months PO breast aug with 450cc silicone implants, last few nights I had tightness in the upper part of L breast Tonight I decided to look in mirror and I think my nipple may have moved slightly towards the outside .. And toward cleavage feels fuller (as if the side of the implant is sitting more forward) ... I also feel a slight rippling but it is not visible Help ??? :(

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Implant issue

I think that you need to be seen in person to determine what the issue might be. Best of luck.......

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Implant Position

Thanks for the question.  It is really hard to assess what is going on without doing an exam and seeing your pictures. However, there are scenarios that the implant can shift and the pocket move.  It may be that is what is happening.  Get evaluated and see what is going on.

Khashayar Mohebali, MD, FACS
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Feel like my implant may have moved?

Only in person examination can determine if there is an issue? Why have you NOT seen your chosen operative surgeon for the matter?

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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