Chin implant removal concerns. Is there hope I will look the same? If so, how long might it take?

In Sept. shifted then succesfully placed back a month after. I was extremely uncomfortable with it and doctor agreed to remove it for good three weeks after. The surgeries went good and he used the same incision, excised it and taped my chin for 7 days afterwards. The tape has come off and my chin looks vertically bigger and a bit deformed. I had the medium implant for 45 days. Is there hope I will look back the same and if so how long it might take? I also feel tighness around the incision. Ty

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Will appearance be the same after chin implant removal?

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In my experience, the chin will normally go back to the appearance it had prior to a chin implant, after removal of the implant.  It can take several months for the healing process to occur after the removal, so I would give it a bit more time to see what your true appearance will be.  

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to answer this question without some before and after pictures. Based upon what you have written, it is unclear as to exactly what has happened other than you had an implant, it was taken out, then put back in. 

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