Chin implant removal - 3rd surgery safe? Such short time/opening the same wound/future side effects on face? (photo)

I'm 41. Month and a half ago i had a chin implant. It shifted due to bleeding and I had a revision a month after. It has been 15 days, seems uneven due to my asymetric jaw and I just decided I don't want a foreign object on my body and I want it out. My doctor let me know he shaved just a tiny bit of the bone where the bleeding had encapsuled to re-attached the implant. What can happened after removal? Can my doctor make the incision smaller when he closes it? Thank you before hand. God Bless

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Chin implant problems

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You can have the chin implant removed through the same incision and any fluid collection if present removed at that time.  You will need a compression bandage or garment to aid in healing and prevent fluid recollection.  You may consider an advancement genioplasty in the future which works well in asymmetric chins and can allow correction of the asymmetry with the chin advancement.  The only foreign body with a genioplasty is a small bone plate.  That procedure is done through an oral incision.  Good luck.   Donald R. Nunn MD, DDS  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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