Asymmetrical face, protruding chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

currently, I'm wearing a braces and wore expander for 2 months when I first got my braces on. My orthodontist said that I have a crossbite and over biteSo far I had braces for a year but I think it's still the same as before. when I touch the end of my jaw (below ears) I can tell that one side is bigger and the bigger side's end is more of a v shaped rather than straight. and it hurts when i press it. When I open and close my mouth, i can hear a wind-like sound on my right side. Can braces help?

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Asymmetrical face, protruding chin. Any suggestions? (photos)

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You are very astute observer of your situation. The position of the upper and lower jaw as determined by your bite effect the muscles and the muscles in turn respond to the bite. Generally the asymmetry can be eliminated once the neuromuscular positoin of your jaws has been determined. First is to find this position THEN AND ONLY THEN do you have braces. This is a specialized area of orthodontics. There are general dentists trained in neuromuscular dentistry that can help you. 

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