I'm wondering whether it's my septum that is the cause of my crooked nose? (Photo)

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Rhinoplasty for crooked nose, functional deviated septum for breathing

A septoplasty is performed in the back of the nose when there's obstructing cartilage and bone blocking airflow.  A Septoplasty is only performed for medical necessity, not  to change the shape of the nose. A crooked nose is addressed with a rhinoplasty procedure. To straighten the crooked nose requires osteotomies placed in the nasal bones, and a cartilaginous spreader graft placed underneath the concave upper lateral cartilage in the midportion of the nose. When the tip of the nose is crooked, a tip-plasty is performed. For more information and many examples of crooked nose repair in our practice, please see the link and the video below

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