Will an areola reduction with vertical scar lift fix my lateral issue of implants falling into armpits when laying down? (Photo)

A year after a benelli lift with 255cc implants resulted in enormous areolas & zero lift, my plastic surgeon is prepared to do an areola reduction and lift with a vertical scar for free. My implants fall almost into my armpits when laying down, you can feel them pulling laterally and it's a little painful sleeping/laying on my back-so I sleep on my side. My question is: Will the vertical scar lift that tightens it all up fix the lateral issue OR is an adjustment needed to the pockets as well?

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Revision surgery

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A breast lift tightens the external skin and lifts the nipple,  it does not address the pocket in which your implant sits so its possible you will not see any improvement in the displacement of your implants.  Your implants pockets in which the implants are sitting need to be repaired at the time of lift surgery with internal sutures to correct the issue.  In my practice I frequently revise implant pockets at the time of breast lifting with excellent results.  Discuss your options in more detail with your plastic surgeon.


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I agree with the plan for an areolar reduction but you may not need the vertical lift.  Sometimes only internal sutures are needed to keep the implants medially without excising skin.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

Breast lift doesn't fix pocket expansion

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No, I don't think you will see any improvement in the lateral displacement of the implant.

If that is an issue for you, discuss the idea of "pocket plication" or "capsulorrhapy" with your surgeon.  Internal stitches to close up the outer portion of the pocket can be placed to correct the issue.

The breast lift only tightens the external skin envelope, and elevates the nipple.  It will not have an effect on where the implant pocket is.

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