Looking for an amazing plastic surgeon specialising in butt augmentation/implants locally or OS

I live in Melbourne Australia - I had a butt augmentation 2 years ago by a local "cosmetic" surgeon and contacted a massive infection which put me in hospital for 4 weeks. After about 4 months I was back to normal, but lost most if not all of the fat in my butt. I am not looking for permanent results and more lipo to stomach/legs. I would love some opinions if butt implants are worth it and truly how long it takes to get back to normal. I'm currently looking at LA surgeons

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Buttock implants

Located in Laguna Beach, California, I have been performing buttocks implant augmentation for patients nationally and internationally for over 10 years. Proper postoperative as well as preoperative guidelines will allow you to return to your home city following 7 days. Recovery includes:

1) no sitting for 2 weeks

2) no exercise for 4 weeks

3) no limitations after 6 weeks

A virtual consultation is required to give you definitive recommendations on implant size, etc. 

Please see link below for more information.

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