Facial Structure. Cheek Augmentation and Stronger Jaw line?

i wanted to know if maxillofacial surgery is an alternative to implantiing the face ?. i feel my mid face is very flat and 2D and would like my cheek augmented forward. the current cheek implants i have only augment OUT. i would also like a stronger jawline. ive been told that its best to go to a maxillofacial surgeon over a plastic surgeon as they work from the inside and plastic surgeons dont. what are everyones thoughts. thankyou. im looking for a total balanced, chisselled, structured face.

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Cheek implants versus maxillary osteotomies

 A cheek implant is a small Silastic wafer placed through small and intraoral incision. The implant is inserted over the bone and below the underlying tissues it serves as a nice cheek augmentation. The procedure is  performed as an outpatient procedure and takes approximately one hour. A maxillary osteotomy requires inpatient hospital  stay and is invasive since the midface and maxillary bone are cut,  plated together and reset forward

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