Uneven Nostrils After Open Rhinoplasty with Skin & Rib Graft? (photo)

Hi there, I had a open rhinoplasty with a skin & rib graft 1 and a half weeks ago and my nostrils seem completely misshaped. I know it's so soon since my surgery but the size difference between both nostrils really bothers me and I am also concerned about an extra bit of skin sticking out and the gap which I have circled in black. I spoke to my surgeon and he said it's completely normal due to the swelling on the right side but I'm concerned about the left side - I like the right side!

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Uneven Nostrils After Open Rhinoplasty with Skin & Rib Graft?

ONLY 1 WEEK!!! Listen to your surgeon. please. The swelling is just increasing at this early postop period. 

Nostril Asymmetry in early postoperative period

I agree with you about the gap that you are seeing, however, if you have read other posts than you will know that asymmetry one week out from surgery is normal and due to asymmetric swelling which distorts the final overall appearance. Once the swelling goes down you will likely notice better symmetry of the nostrils. If it persists 6 months after surgery then readdress with your surgeon.

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Uneven Nostrils After Open Rhinoplasty with Skin & Rib Graft?

    A lot of work was done during the rhinoplasty, and it is too early to make any judgments.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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